Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Panicking At The Disco

*Ive updated alot of songs on my playlist! Check it out! :)*

I had a good nite! really! i got a random call from Rueben Annai in the afternoon saying that he has tickets to the Panic At The Disco concert (didnt even know they were havin one!) n asked if i wanted to go. so.. im not a fan, i know like 4 songs from em, n they're pretty ok, but was never into them but i went along wit him and his fren Adrian n u know wat? it was actually fun!


ok so it was the smallest concert ive been to, the thing is tat it wasnt promoted, not many knew bout it n it was at the Bkt.Jalil Putra Stadium. got in n they had barricaded 1/2 the stadium so they dont waste space. in total i think there were only like 600 ppl? not many! but it turned out to be cool n different! One Buck Short opened n they did a good job then PATD played, n honestly even tho i didnt know most of their songs, i enjoyed myself!

They played well n were interactive wit the crowd- who btw, was made up of mostly kids below 17 n alot of international school kids (i hate them-intl school kids r way to stuck up n think they're all tat!), n i was shocked! felt old n for the 1st time ever, i began to see these kids in a whole new way!

i saw them as annoyin lil yuppies who were just makin loud scenes wit their frens n then, all of a sudden, it dawned on me!!!!!!! *Dumm dummm duummmmm* i was lookin at the old me+frens! omg! that was wat me, misha, n liz used to be like whenever we were at concerts! we were loud n we did wtv we wanted n we just didnt care! ahh! hahahha i mean we always enjoyed ourselves n thougth we were the shizznitts but now i realize how some older ppl must have thought of us! lol! oh well, we grew up so tats good at least! loL!

but anyway, PATD was good! the lead vocallist, Brendan was really good n cute too! :) all in all, a good time! also i got to sit at the place where they control the music n it was at the back so it was cool to have a different perspective in a concert, really nice to observe ppl! thanks again to Annai & Adrian annai! :)

had my Management class today n although it was just intro to the subject, it sounds like a workload n already me n Tatz were like; 'wow! we can addy feel the stress!' ahhahaha :) hope tomoro goes well!