Monday, August 11, 2008

Leavin On A Jetplane

So watever problems that me n the boy have been havin has been cleared up! :) pheww! finally, after soo much of talking, fighting, tears and alot more talking, we're cooler than ever! its makes me so happy and really appreciate him after we work things out, i dunno i guess im just glad that we bother enuf to WANT to work it out n not just give up la..

So we're cool! =D

but the saddest thing ever is that Farah's gone....... :( my best friend left this mornin at 9.40am to the USA.. she's gonna be studyin there n im happy n freakin proud of her (not to mention jealous!- she's gonna be havin such a GREAT time!!!!) but im gonna miss her tons..... She was always the one i cud count on for everything, from shoppin like whacks, spillin our guts out to each other over pearl tea, to going crazy n fallin down all over to being the shoulder to cry on. She was always the best fren from high school tat I never had any shit wit. it was always great, n she knew me the best n strangely she was the only friend who i really listened to n would really take advice from..

n now she's gone.. i know she'll be back in a year for summer n all tat but im just gonna miss her soo freakin much. ugh i did not get any sleep in almost 24hours coz was at the place since 11pm, wit Venilla n Cixan, n we were talkin n helpin her pack n all tat shiznits, no sleep at all! then it was off to the airport at 5.30am since they had to be there early..

alot of ppl came, dewi, liyana, nadiah, me, venilla, cixan.. her family n when she was givin us all the hugs, every1 was crying.. everyone. i guess its just so great to see that she means alot to alot ppl, its sumn she shud be proud of!

so we were all crying together as we watched her walk away, n hugged.. sigh.... its just really sinking in that she's gone la.....

well there were quite a few pics taken n i'll be postin em up soon la! so till then, i need sleeppp!!