Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hmm i havent been updating lately, guess i've been busy wit assignments and Grey's Anatomy (again!) lol! cant ever get sick of it!

well classes were cool so far, im lookin forward to next Wednesday as we need to go on a Site Visit for my Retailing class! hahahha guess where it is? PAVILLION! hahahaha this is awesome! so as a class 'work' were supposed to go there n meet up, then get into groups n go into stores n see how they designed their shop, their retail concept, ceiling, lighting, music, etc la! haha for 3 hours min n take pics n notes! lol! our assignment is to go to a mall! LOL! i love this class! :)

nuthin much has been happenin this week i guess, its been rather quiet.. BUT!!!

ill be going to Bangkok, Thailand for the weekend!! woots!!! tomoro im leavin n gettin back on Monday! haha its like.. the 4th time in Bangkok n were going shoppinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITEDDD!!

bringing a rather empty suitcase! :) n i thought tat its definately time to practice my Thai accent! lol! so ill be catchin ya lovelies sooN! oh n Icky will be flying to Manilla, Phillipines tomoro as well for a Magic:The Gathering tournament! GOod luck babes n buy me sumn! love ya!!