Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Classes Machaaa

Deiiiii!!! hahah ive been just busy busy busy wit wat? nothingness lately! lol! no laaaa more like, busy wit class, watchin the Olympics n bummmmmiinnnggg around!

But yes yes my classes have been on n they are.. Not bad!

Business Management class is pretty interesting but its just very much on listenin n dicussing stuff la.. not much on creativity... I really love my Fundamentals of Sketching class which is incidently, nothin to do wit sketching (insert laughter). Its more on like.. sociology of fashion.. brand management n tat sort of stuff but its cool!

1st assignment is a huge Fashion Journal about anything we want about Fashion.. so basically there aint no barriers n its due in 3 weeks, gotta get a move on! Then there is Principles of Retailing class which is... pretty good.. i think the subject is interesting but the lecturer is a bit weird. no doubt that she knows her stuff but i just cant keep up wit the way she teaches it.. n im not alone in this.... she keeps grabbin her boobs for warmth... hmmmm.....

but oh well! n lastly, Design Mangement class is so far.... a bit dull la.. i dunno just 1 class so far n it didnt leave much of an impression on me, but i think its got to do wit management skills n brand management n tat sort of things.. will fill in more later..

oh n yesterday was Tim's farewell party! He's also leaving to the US for 4 years.. it was fun as I got to see Sim and Nick again! :) my fellow YES ppl! Sim n I were the 2 ppl who put on the most amount of weight from the US, glad to say we lost it all! hahhaah! :) good times..

hahhaha check out my 'lolita' hairstyle! hahaha i think I've been reading ViVi magazine abit too much recentl! GOD IM ADDICTED TO THAT MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!! the clothes the clothes the clothes!!!!!!!!!! oh n LENA FUJII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodness, smack me wit a stick but im addicted to her... *growl*

but its ok, i think of Icky n i know that im still straight! i wanna pinch his cheeks! haha so im may be bent here n there, but DEF still straight! :p

ok ok gonna go watch Zohan now before i start running off on another tangent! ta!



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Anonymous said...

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