Monday, August 4, 2008


ahh my new timetable is swwweeetttt!!! :) so so darn awesome! I have only 4 subjects this sem n i have 3 days of classes only n a 4-day weekend! ahhh!

Tuesday- Intro to Management, 9-12
Wednedsay - Fundamentals of Sketching, 2-5
Thursday - Principles of Retailing,9-12 & then Design Management, 2-5

oh Fridays-Mondays free! :) im stoked!

oh n I've been Youtubing piercings alot these past couple of days just to cure my boredom, n u know i've always had a thing for piercings.. i love em! i love all the adrenaline rush you get from thinking of it, n then after its done, u realize tat u were just trippin for nothin n they end up lookin great!

so i have had altogether 9 piercings done in my life, ive had my 2 on my ear lobes, cartilage, nose n tragus pierced, the nose one closed tho, i took it out as it was troublesome in school. but i really like my tragus! :) honestly it was painfree! :)

but i've always wanted to get a tongue piercing, i think its nice, n more over i wanna get one JUST to know how it felt, know wat i mean? i dunno tho, its gotten a bit too common n um.. skanky? n plus Mal wud kill me as he HATES piercings n tattoos (anything for u hun!) haha but u know just sometimes i cant help wonder how it feels like.....

n i also think that Corset piercings are gorgeous!!!! ahhh they are!!!

the thing is tat they r only done for play purposes, as in photoshoots, once u get em done, u cant leave it in for more than 2 days if im not mistaken, so its just a short thing, nevertheless, its pretty!

but then again, some ppl have the weirdest piercings! honestly! like wats wit a 'Cleavage surface piercing'.. well surface piercings on a whole, r weird but wtf??

oh n DO watch this video i found of a guy gettin dared to get a Prince Albert done live on air!! ahh i cant embed it, but its soooo funny!! holy shit i cant imagine how ANYONE can get genital piercings, like WAT THE FLYING?? but watch it!!! click me! :) seriously tho, its funny!



Anonymous said...

thats my clevage piercing!!! i just googled it and found it on here. i think its pretty cool.. dont make fun

Anonymous said...

you guys r fuccin cool hahahaahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got my dicked pierced like 20 times n it doesnt hurt anymore, but i still get hard as a rock

Anonymous said...


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