Thursday, August 14, 2008

Made In China

So i recently bought myself some bling stickers so stick on my phone just coz im flossy-flossy like that! n i got a pink/silver colored one n now my phone resembles one of Paris Hilton's! hahahhahhaha crap!!!! i wanted red/silver for candy canes but elek.. so wat to do?

anyhow, at the back of the packaging was the instructions that just made me laugh soo hard as i read it!! n its MADE IN CHINA btw! i kid u not, but this is exactly wat was written at the back! :)

Operation Method.
1. Please remove dirty and dust on the surface when stick
2.Please tear the cell-phone which stick at the back of the sticker
3.After stick on the cell-phone, it needs 30minutes that sticker could be totally fixed.

*Take down it from papercard and please pay attention to not being injured.
*When sticker is assaulted by brute force,acrylic will come off from the cell-phone.
*It is not the products stuck on the skin directly. The person with sensitive skin will cause skin it ching and imflammation. So please dont stick it on skin directly.
*Please place the product on the place where children be unable to get.

and for the end bit.............................. MADE IN CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anyhow, classes this week have been pretty interesting. so far i've gotten like, 2 assignments to do addy, but more on that another day.. im enjoyin them, so tats good! :)

n during lunch today while i was chewin on my hot-dog, i freakin bit a bloody hole thru the side of my tongue!!!!! omggg i actually felt it go thru, n the pain was.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
n Melissa NG, the wonderful fren of mine, was just talking non-stop as i held my mouth in pain n then she stopped n gave me this face n said; 'Kel!! can u stop stoning ah??'
as to which i opened my mouth n stuck out my bleeding tongue! ahh i had bit it from top to bottom at the side!! ahh the painnnn n swellin n Mel has the pics! hahah ill post em up soon! LOL!!!
but yeah, pretty RAD day at college huh?


mello said...

YOUUUU -- sucks!. how i know laa you bit your tongue . sheeeze . kena blame pulak . I AM A CARING FRIEND !!. i took the photos . lol . will put em up soon so you can jack 'em .