Friday, August 22, 2008

Batik Photoshoot!

*A HUGE thanks to INTANIA for doing the make up for the shoot!- she did a good job of tryin to make me look acceptable! lol!*

Yays!! i got the pics from Bibo ness-ness-ness-ness!! n i think they're RAD ZOMGS!!!!! he was going for a futuristic look n so when we shot he used diff color filters for the flash n it was cool! :)

*My FAV!!*

told Bibo tat he did a good job n tat it looked like PRO EDITING! =D

oh but im happy n sad bout sumn. SEVENTEEN called me! lol! coz like, a few weeks ago, after the shoot for Cleo, me n Trish were in OU n we got stopped by 2 ppl workin for this Seventeen Magazine Model Search thingy. so they asked us to fill out the forms, take a few snaps n they'll call us to let us know if they want us to be finalists la.. so ok

then the woman just called me saying,

17:oh i was lookin at ur polaroid n was wondering if u cud come for a Beauty spread on Wednesday?
K:ahhh tats soo cool! but ive got a full day of classes on Wednesday ( i cant miss em! ) cud we do it on another day?
17: oh sorry but we can only do it on that day n i wudnt want u to miss ur class...
K: yeah im sorry..
17: its ok, how bout another time then k?

:'( i want to cry.... yet jump for joy! haha sucks coz i have to miss freakin Seventeen magazine for class! i mean wtv it is, I grew up readin in n still do buy it, I've always dreamed of one day being in it, n i unfortunately cannot afford to miss this class.... :( but a good thing is tat sumn took notice at least! :) so yeh. hope things look up from here!

so yeah! haha last night at Euphoria was the shizznitss! DJ Patrick still manages to amaze me! :) hehe n it was packed n i danced so much, my heels r still aching n hurtin i have to walk on my toes! :S haha but all in good fun, yeah? :)

the pics r all on Facebook!



mello said...

duuude !. in the first photo - YOU'RE DOING THE JASON ARM THING !!!. HAHAHAHA

erh , freekie .

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Kelsey Bunny said...