Thursday, August 21, 2008

15 random facts

Got tagged by Ms. Lydia Miller!

a)state 15 weird things/habits or little known facts bout yourself
b)tag 10 people to do it
c)no tag backs

1. I used to have an imaginary friend when i was younger who I'd talk to n play with.
2. I named my brain Zazu when i was young n talk to it! lol
3. Although i dont look it, I LOVE to eat LOTS!!
4. Im absolutely addicted to Lena Fujii, if I ever meet her, id die of shock!
5. Whenever I buy a new clothing item, I have to come home to try it on with lots of other things n end up spending 30 mins-1 hours wit different outfits!
6. I've got 2 fighting fishes named Ice & Fire
7. I always thought that the lyrics were 'everybody was kung fu fighting! those kungfu bastards like me!' hahahaha instead of 'fast like lighting!' LOL!
8.The name of our 1st daughter is gonna be Alyssa..
9.I LOVE and am so so intrigued by Artistic Nudes. they're such beautiful non-pornographic, artsy potraits of the human body, but only women tho..
10. I bring my soft toy, Icky, everywhere I travel!
11. I own over 30 pairs of shoes. seriously.
12. I plan to one day bring Mini-golfing to Malaysia! its the bomb!
13. My ultimate fav rock band is a tie between The Darkness & Velvet Revolver
14. It's a far-fetched dream of mine to be a top model some day.. some day huh?
15. I want to live in a glass house by the beach side when im older! :)

I tag: Beth, Kim Tong, Azhan, Colin, Ciyan, Joyce, Calvin Tan, Bibo, Idan, Ain.

So i had a shoot wit Bibo today in LimKokWing's photo labs n it was fun! :) i wore a batik sarong wrapped round me wit a black belt n it looked so fab! hehe wit those scientific lab goggles too! loL! cant wait to get the shots! :)

im off to Euphoria again tonight! WHOOOTSSS!!



mello said...

i'm with you on 12 and 15 !!!!. and 9 but i think men too [=