Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mungkin aku juga pernah merasakan cinta,
Tapi tak pernah seindah ini,
Mungkin aku juga pernah merasakan rindu,
Tapi tak pernah sedalam ini.

Mungkin kamu takkan pernah percaya,
bahwa aku sesungguhnya,
aku telah terjatuh,

akui aku telah larut,
larut ke dalam kamu,
yang ku cintai....

This beautiful song is by the Indonesian band, Dewa 19 and the song is called 'Larut'. wow.. its beautiful! it basically means that

'Maybe I've felt love before, but never as beautiful as this,
Maybe I've felt longing before, but never as deep as this,

Maybe you'll not believe that I've fallen for you...

I admit, that I've dissolved into you, into you that I love...'

hmm it may not sound as deep once i translate it, but its so beautiful! its as if he's saying that he's so in love that he's become like one with her... :) *sccchhwweett*

*BUNNY woves ICKY*