Friday, August 8, 2008


well sorry i have not been updating ive been really busy.......................

i had a good night, went to Euphoria again n it was fun!

This morning was absolutelu fantastic! Trisha n I were asked by Stephanie Goh to do a small tiny shoot for Cleo Magazine's Retail Therapy column where they review a store n theres a smaall picture of a model wearing the outfits la. So it was cool! i was representing the 'Charles & Keith" boutique of gorrgeoussss shoes n handbags! :)

wore blouse+top from Forever21, belt, shoes & bag by Charles & Keith!!

it was a cute shoot coz we had to smile! hahaha not used to it, but got the hang of it n i loved the results!! :)

Trisha was uberrrrrrrr cool!!! she was more punk rock ish representing a new brand in Pavillion, not sure wat its called but i think its Dr.Denim? i dunno but it was soooo funky! hahahh she looked fab! :)

so apparently I'll be out in the November issue n Trish is in Dec!

then we hit OU n had fun....

till something ruined my day n i think this just gonna possibly ruin my life. im so dissapointed in him right now i cant even explain it, its such a small thing to ask for n yet he cant give it......... its nothin material. its the fact that he cant let this go, he cant ignore her for me. if she really meant nothing, why is it so hard to just give me the peace of mind? i just no longer know wats gonna happen with us........



mello said...

y'all look ABSO smashing !!. =D =D and about " you know what " ; stay strong babygurl . xox