Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Obsession?

hmm.. i have no idea why, but I've always had an obsession for lingerie.. seriously~

i just love love LOVE browsing thru the lingerie sections at stores and also online! my fav brands definately is Victoria Secret (nuff said!) and LaSenza! as well as Marks & Spencers!

i think lingerie just gives us tat special sumn! just bcoz u like lingerie doesnt make u any kinkier or wtv, tat all comes from within, literally! u may be suprised at how some of the most prim n properly dressed women cud be wearin some of the most provocative and/or gorgeous & expensive lingerie on the inside! it gives women pride and a boost of confidence knowing tat they know this lil secret tat the rest of the world doesnt! ;P

anyhow, even tho i dont have much to put into a bra, i still go crazy over 'em n have quite alot, suprisingly! lol! n a ton MORE panties, ranging from comfy cotton, cute boyshorts, sexy satin, lacey numbers, thongs.. etc! ugh! u gotta love em! n was browsing thru LaSenza's site today, found some nice ones! (p/s: Victoria's Secret site is temporarily unavailable so was unable to feast my eyes! :S )

hehe i just got a new addition to the collection, this mornin from LaSenxa! am happy!